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1977 Toyota Chinook


Well Maintained

Are you looking for a good reliable vehicle with the ability to camp anywhere? Well look no further. I've been all around the Pacific Northwest without any major issues. Eastern Oregon in the summer is no problem. Hills, Mountains and Forest Roads are no match for the Zen Cube. And when you get there you can sit comfortably with all the amenities.

  • 20R Engine (strong)
  • 4 Speed Transmission
  • 191,000 Miles
  • 17-23mpg
  • Air Conditioner
  • Front and Rear 'factory' Seat belts
  • Regular Oil Changes every 3k with Lucas Oil Stabilizer
  • Purchased Vehicle September 2015, 164k miles. Diligent owner.
  • Two batteries with Isolator(Regular and Deep Cycle)
  • Converter (to plug into 120V)
  • 2-burner Stove
  • 5 gallon Propane Tank installed, 5 gallon tank reserve
  • 3-Way Refrigerator (12v, 120v Propane)
  • Heater
  • 10 Gallon water tank
  • Sink with dual action lever (pump or open/close when connected to a hose)
  • New Curtains (Died with Avocado's aka eco-dye')
  • RARE: Bunk Beds with Original Vinyl
  • Sleeps 4 1/2 with Bunk Beds (4 adults 1 child)
  • Combo table/bench/bed.
  • POP top adds enough room for tall people
  • Shelves and closet
  • Bucket Toilet system.
  • Side Storage compartment
  • Under-Bed Storage
  • 2 Bike Racks on rear
  • Vintage metallic deer whistles
  • No leaks
  • Chilton Repair book
  • Carburetor Repair Book
  • Toyota Truck Owner and Service Manuals
  • Rare:Chinook Owners Manual
  • Spare set of Studded tires on rims
  • LED interior lighting
  • Collector Plates with LIFETIME registration
  • Timing light (New, $50 Bosch)
  • Engine tuning tool(tachometer, dwell meter, alternator diagnostic, etc
  • Spare Keys

  • NEW Parts and MaintenanceMileage
    Exhaust manifold studs and gasket (All Brass hardware to avoid any broken studs)190k
    Spark Plugs (Iridium) 190k
    Spark Plug Wires 170k
    PCV Valve 190k
    Distributor cap, rotor, points 190k
    Alternator and belts 190k
    Voltage Regulator 190k
    Starting Battery 190k
    Deep Cycle Battery 180k
    Water Pump190k
    Radiator Hose. 190k
    Clutch Master & Slave Cylinders and hose 190k
    Brakes: Front pads, rear shoes/spring kit/wheel cylinders170k
    Brakes: Power booster 170k
    Brakes: Master Cylinder 170k
    Front/Rear wheel bearings 185k
    Rear differential oil 185k
    U-joints in drive shaft 185k
    Shocks 175k
    Rear tires 175k
    Headlights 165k
    Wheel studs and lugs on all 4 tires 165k

    Extra Parts not installed

  • Clutch Kit (clutch still feels good)
  • Transmission Mount
  • 2 Fuel Filters
  • 5 Oil Filters
  • 3 Air Filters
  • 1 PCV Valve
  • 4 Spark Plugs (Iridium)
  • 3 sets of points
  • Radiator cap
  • Thermostat and 2 gaskets
  • 2 Cans R12 Refrigerant for the A/C (Hard to find, doesn’t need charged yet)
  • 5 Windshield Wipers
  • Old alternator (still good, I had just reconnected the isolator wrong)
  • Old Voltage Regulator
  • 1 Used headlight (regular beam)
  • 6 belts (3 new, 3 used in good condition)
  • Misc Hardware

  • Repairs Needed

  • Head lights: One high beam needs replaced
  • Turn light cover (orange, driver side).
  • Left fender: Small dents
  • Front and rear Bumper bent
  • Rust
  • Exhaust leak between manifold and pipe: Find working gasket for after market pipe, $5 from exhaust shop.
  • Install stereo (2 decks included, needs new speakers)
  • Occasional misfire and idle surge
    Solution: install new GM igniter conversion and coil (have ignition parts ready, needs 20R non-point distributor for around $90 (1978-80). Coil $25). Ballast resistor is out of specifications so its a necessary upgrade. GM conversion is a standard way to avoid a very expensive OEM part search. Upgrading the Distributor will also eliminate frequent need to set the timing as the points wear.
  • Interior Minor work. (paint, light covers)
  • Carpet needs cleaned, but ideally wood laminate is only about $20 and easy to install.
  • Rear door only locks from the inside, Needs internal mechanism for key to function.

    The fiberglass shell is what makes the Chinook such an amazing little camper. That and its built on a Toyota HiLux pickup--One of the most dependable vehicles on the road. Light weight and easy to work on this dependable little ride will not leave you disappointed.

    At only 17 feet long you can make a U turn anywhere--including skinny forest service roads on sides of mountains. At 7' tall you will be able to go places most campers cannot. Low over hanging branches in the forest, city parking lots, drive thru's are no match. Its very easy and fun to drive.

    They made three different style Chinook's that year. This one was the best package with the most amenities. I think that's why this has three stripes and most only have two.

    Don't let this honey slip by!

  • $6000 OBO

    Please email Wayne today to make an offer or arrange a viewing. Thank you.

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